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How to Play with Nipple During Sex with your Pune Escort Girl? A Comprehensive Guide

If you wish to spend a beautiful time with a gorgeous Pune escort, having a great sexual encounter can enhance your experience. The breast and Vagina are the two female body parts that give them most pleasure in the time of sex. Although women’s breasts and breasts are powerful erogenous zones, you must know how to touch them appropriately. Studies reveal that the stimulation of the clitoris, cervix, and vagina occurs in the same brain regions as the nipple!

Here in this comprehensive guide, Pune Escorts Babylon will discuss a comprehensive guide on how to play with nipple during sex with your Pune escort girl. 

Touch the Nipple 

The fundamental rule of playing with a Pune escort girl‘s nipples is to begin slowly and lightly, and then flirt with sporadic touches. Occasionally, a quick, light squeeze followed by a slight jerk to release the nipple causes a wave of sensation to travel throughout the body.

The same brain regions are stimulated by clit and cervical stimulation during intercourse and by stimulation of the breasts! 

Thus, it’s obvious that you need to start out cautiously and avoid doing too much! You can warm her body and mind without going below the belt because these jerks activate the same parts of her brain that stimulate her clitoris, cervix, and vagina. They also release that delicious oxytocin.

Read the body language of the Pune escort 

This is a very useful tool for him to warm up with! However, if you are unable to deduce what the Pune escort likes and dislikes from her body language, you must ask her directly this instant about the kinds of touch she finds acceptable and unacceptable! Remember that things can change quickly, so don’t count on it to work the next time.

Try these techniques with your Pune Escort

You can use any technique you learn in a single session when you play with an Escort in Pune. Nevertheless, whether it’s during foreplay or right before your orgasm during intercourse, there are additional things your escort can do to improve the experience.

Discuss any of these methods with your escort if you find them interesting:

  • Warm Breaths: To arouse the nerves, your escort starts to gently blow warm air around and onto your nipple.
  • Licking: Your escort can lick your nipples in a variety of ways. They can use the flat side of their tongue to cover more area, flick your nipple with their tongue tip, or draw tiny circles around your areola.
  • Sucking: It’s not limited to merely licking. In addition, your escort might suck on your nipples. You can increase sensitivity and stimulate extra blood flow by having them pull their nipples into their mouth.
  • Nibble: For more sensation, if you’re into it, ask your escort to nibble your nipples a little.

Try Different Approaches 

Once you’ve mastered the art of playing with her nipples, it’s an amazing sex superpower, but keep in mind that every woman is unique, as are her life circumstances and all the things going on in her heart and mind. Every moment is unique when it comes to the base.

That’s the reason you need to talk to her. Read her subtle cues and ask her directly in your own words when you’re not sure or aren’t getting clear or consistent body language cues. If you follow her closely, she will respect your commitment to her, become more trusting, and be willing to be your goddess and sex escort.

Start with These Ideas 

You can ask your escort to do the nipple play, or you can try it yourself. Remember that playing with your nipples is not the only thing you can do with them! Raising your arousal can be achieved by feeling around your breasts.

This could be useful if you’re not sure where to begin:-

  • Begin cautiously by paying attention to your breathing: Breathe deeply and slowly for a while to help yourself de-stress and become more aware of your body.
  • Play with other erogenous zones to tease yourself: Touch your belly with your hands and fingers. Proceed to your rib cage after that, and finally, go in and out of your breasts. However, wait to touch your nipples or breasts until the sensations start to manifest.
  • Examine your areola in between squeezing and massaging without touching your nipples: This will contribute to the sense of anticipation.
  • Now that your body is heated and aroused, touch your nipples with your fingers: – They ought to be upright. Start gently massaging your nipples as soon as you feel aroused, then pick up the pace and pressure.
  • To enhance the enjoyment, squeeze your nipples: Your entire body will experience a wave of sensation after just one pinch. The more tightly you are squeezed, the better; however, experiment with the pressure to see what works best for you.

Don’t stop at just pinching:- To find out what makes you happiest, try slightly twisting or pulling your nipples.

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Meeting with a Pune escort girl can enhance your mood and you can fulfil your sensual desire. When you do sexual encounter with a Pune escort girl, it can elevate your experience. So, enjoy your time and play with nipple during sex.

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